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Car Care at Dalen Parkering

Car maintenance is performed as far as we have the capacity.

Our car care packages:

Utvendig BilvaskExterior wash

Includes: degreasing, exterior hand wash, undercarriage rinse, lubrication of lists and locks.

Price small car: 450,-

Price large vehicle: 520,- 


Innvendig bilvaskInterior Cleaning

Includes: Thorough vacuuming, tidying, interior cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of rubber mats and door frames.

Price small car: 750,-

Price large vehicle: 850,-


Utvendig og innvendig vaskExterior and interior wash

Includes: Exterior wash and interior cleaning. Vacuum of carpets and seats, interior cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of rubber mats and door frames. Includes program 1.

Price small car: 1100,-

Price large vehicle: 1300,-


innvendig vaskDry cleaning + exterior and interior wash

Includes: Dry cleaning of seats, carpets and door panels. Leather seats treated. Includes program 3.

Price small car: 2300,-

Price large vehicle: 2600,-



Includes: Thoroughly wash, undercarriage rinse, degreasing, wheel and tire wash, lubrication of lists and locks, polishing and renewal of vinyl and rubber.

Price small car: 2400,-

Price large vehicle: 2800,-


full pakke

Full package

Includes: Exterior and interior cleaning and polishing. Includes program 3 and 5.

Price small car: 2800,-

Price large vehicle: 3200,-


Rens og full vaskFull package m / s

Includes exterior cleaning, interior cleaning and polishing including program 4 and 5.

Price small car: 3500,-

Price large vehicle: 3900,-



Tire change

Includes tire change and cleaning of rims and tires.

Pris: 590,-



Example small car: VW Polo / Golf, Skoda Fabia / Octavia, Ford Mondeo, BMW X3, and smaller cars.

Example large vehicle: Audi Q5, Volvo XC90 / XC60, BMW 7 / X5 / 6 Range Rover, MB G. etc.